Good practices in research

   The editors of the semi-annual journal ‘Archiwa Bibliotek i Muzea Kościelne’ take care to maintain high academic and ethical standards. They particularly pay attention to authors’ honesty, integrity and transparency in the presentation of the research process and the results of authors’ work.

   Transparency of information about the entities involved in producing a paper for publishing (substantive, material, financial contribution, etc.) is proof of an ethical approach of a researcher and the editorial standards of the semi-annual journal. The editors do not accept any manifestation of scholarly misconduct: ghostwriting and guest authorship.

   The practice of ghostwriting is to omit a significant contribution of one of the authors to the publication of a certain work, without revealing his personal details or without mentioning his role in the acknowledgements included in the publication.

   The practice of guest authorship (honorary authorship) occurs when author’s contribution is minor or there is no contribution at all, and yet he is the author/co-author of the publication.

   To counteract the cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship, the editors of ‘Archiwa Biblioteki i Muzea Kościelne’ introduced procedures aimed at preventing these practices:

  1. The editors require the authors to reveal the contribution of the individual authors to the publication (including affiliation and information on who is the author of the concept, aims, methods, etc. used in the publication); the primary responsibility, however, lies with the author submitting the text.
  2. The cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship will be exposed, and the relevant entities (institutions employing authors, scholarly societies, associations of scholarly editors and the like) will be notified.
  3. The editors require the authors to provide information on funding sources, the contribution of research institutions, associations and other entities (financial disclosure).
  4. The editors will document any manifestations of research misconduct, especially breaching and violating research ethics.


   The editors of the semi-annual journal ‘Archiwa Biblioteki i Muzea Kościelne’ make every effort to maintain the highest standards at each publishing stage, in particular, to conform to the recommendations of  Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).






   The ABMK Editorial Board recommends the publications of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as they specify good practices in research and focus on the solutions concerning research results and review procedures. The publication Good Practices in the Review Procedures in Research, prepared by the Team for Ethics in Research, contains the guidelines on how to properly conduct review procedures in research. This document is a collection of the most important recommendations regarding both the obligations of the entities ordering and accepting reviews as well as the duties of the reviewers.

   The publication entitled Reliability in Research and Respect for Intellectual Property was prepared by the Team for Good Academic Practices. The work describes the most frequent cases of negligence in research and presents a set of guidelines concerning intellectual property and author’s integrity.

   On 13 December 2012, the General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences adopted The Code of the Researcher Ethics, which describes universal principles that should be followed in research.